Monday, June 21, 2010

Early Morning E. Hisita Street

"The center of my world map" is in this small farming village in the very south of Sorsogon and this is where I called home. My beloved Siuton

From this gloomy narrow road in all-pervading shade lies a road pavement so beautiful in my eyes.
Where suns reflection on the morning changes in so many ways. A 100 years old Acacia tree one several of several of its kind lined on the road from Visita to Embarcadero.

Many years ago where my own journey of life begun and a lot of others.

Always the road is clear and inviting peaceful and magnifecent

a bright future waiting at the end of the road.

If you only have the courage and determination

To walk with faith in your heart

and never give up.

The road leading from Visita to Embarcadero ,Bayawas, Salvacion and Pawik


  1. OMG! I call this my home too because it's my father's hometown! :D I was raised in Bulan but some of my childhood summers were spent in Siuton esp. kapag Mayo kun fiesta. I miss the simple life.I used to watch the basketball games since halos mga kapamilya ang naglalaro,naliligo din ako sa ilog at naglalaba dun date at xempre ang unang misa sa luzon (Gibalon).
    Natuwa tlga ako sa post mu. I also spent my fieldschool in Behia and Cagbolo. I plan to visit Magallanes this coming sept when I go home. :)



  2. Thanks Jepoi for the comment,

    Gael, hayaan mo I will post more pictures of Siuton Siuton, including the many pics i have sa ilog. I love this place. and miss it so much.
    keep in touch.

  3. ganda naman dito, very tropical ang the place

  4. Wonderful place! By the way..thanks for droppin by my blog.

  5. ganda naman...parang stress free na environment,just exactly the kind of place that people in manila need